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In order to have things be different, we must do things differently. 

We’ve been taught to put ourselves aside, put ourselves in a box, do everything for everyone else and assume we must always be going and doing. That’s why we have those feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and a deep longing for something we may not even fully recognize or understand – like that gentle pull that tells us there’s more to this life.

It’s time you had permission to step out of those old patterns, do something different and find you again. Join me, Erin Berry, to turn your life upside down, shake it up, rediscover your inner wellspring of joy and tap into the unlimited bliss that is your birthright!

Through coaching, healing, retreats, workshops, and yoga, I am your Soul Midwife and traveling Badass Cosmic Guide helping you reclaim balance in your life and step back into bliss. Journey with me at my spa space, yoga studios around metro Denver, and at retreat locations in the U.S and internationally.

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“You are Worthy of a Love so Bright that the Sun Blushes in Admiration”

This is one of my favorite quotes of all times. It’s so special to me because a very important person in my life said it to me just days before he left this earthly realm.

Over the years this quote comes back to me at the most divine times. It popped back into my awareness just the other day. When my friend first spoke this to me, I was still externally seeking love and fulfillment from outside of myself. Like most people, I didn’t believe or even understand that I was worthy of this love or really any love for that matter.

Here’s the kicker……. Do you know where this love has to start? Do you know who’s love you are worthy of that will make the sun blush in admiration? It’s yours!!!!! This love cannot come from anywhere, anyone, any situation outside of you. This is our work! I know very few people who have mastered true self love, including myself. It’s a journey and a cycle, and the most important thing we do in this life. Because until we learn to love ourselves, we will never be able to connect with the right person to have a healthy external love relationship with.

This is not the work of the weak. This takes so much deep diving into ourselves. Looking at our patterns, our conditioning, catching ourselves in these over and over again, and literally rewiring our way of being. AND it is SOOOOOO worth it!

Sure, you can go and get into a relationship and enjoy the sticky sweet lust, the short term feelings of being complete and whole, and create something entirely codependent that will keep you stuck in your vicious cycles until you take your last breath.

I believe there is more. I believe in love. I believe in healthy, unattached, supportive love, where both people own their shit, continue to work on themselves, and love and support one another on the journey. There has to be space for vulnerability, trust, communication, and a willingness to be seen as exactly who you are, imperfectly you.

So in honor of Self Love month, I offer you these thoughts. I invite you to join this journey if you haven’t already. Because you ARE worthy of loving yourself so bright that the sun blushes in admiration. And from this love, you will have an abundance of love overflow to share with the exact right person if you so choose. AND you will attract that exact right person from the vibration of your very bright and beautiful love of self.
So come on now, Love YO SELF!

I can tell you this all day. Now it’s up to you if you choose to believe it. Can you believe, accept, live this truth?